ACELG - Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government

A great initiative that seems to be worth following at this stage.

Particularly the "Innovation and Best Practice" program - under Programs TAB.

ACELG has also set up a draft wiki where you can comment on their programs.
You will find this ACELG site at Local Government Knowledge Exchange Network Website
This site now seems defunct (and not attended to) since early 2011 (or if it ever was).

New site for Information Knowledge Exchange Network IKEN will be launched by mid 2011 (note from Feb 2011)

There is an initiative in the USA called Alliance for Innovation
This activity seems well advanced but is along the lines that ACELG intends to operate.
Unfortunately you need to be a member (only open to US local government) to get to the good information - case studies and achievements.
However the layout and the approach might be considered by ACELG.

ACELG could gain some worthwhile foresights from the Institute for Local Government (US) at Public Engagement Guidelines

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