Community Strategic Plan

Council Community Strategic Plan ('CSP')

This will most likely be the largest community project run to date and will set the agenda for the next 10 - 20 years.

The project will identify long term aspirations and priorities for the community as a whole.

The CSP will aim to address economic, environmental, social and civic leadership issues and provide a vision for the the community's future.

This project would commence with;
Council starting a conversation with the community about what they would like the council area to be like in 10 - 20 years. There will be many different opportunities and ways for the community to have its say, however, to start the process there are some key questions that will need to be asked.

This will lead to high level aspirations being defined as the guiding goals and objectives for the CSP.
The CSP will be a 10 year plan (revised thoroughly every 4 years)

The CSP will be informed by (and include information from);

  1. Asset Management Planning
  2. Long Term Financial Planning
  3. Workforce Planning a well as;
  4. Social Plan and
  5. Environmental Plan

The CSP is the strategic plan of all council activities and will inform (drive information for the following;

  1. Delivery Plan (detailed 4 year plan of revenue and expenditure) - revised annually
  2. Annual Budget - revised regularly, renewed annually
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