Global Innovation Examples

There are a number of good examples of groups trying out or practising innovation in their specific environment.
A list of some of these is included here.
You may find some inspiration from what others are doing.

Innovation like all other disciplines has been practiced for quite a while (across other areas of endeavour) so there is possibly, no need to "recreate the wheel" of innovation.
Just adapt what has been successful and fit it to your specific environment.

This is what business is doing with social media.

  1. Marketing with Social Media
  2. Knowledge Innovation Zones

This is what governments in general and local governments specifically need to do.

  1. Australian Government initiative
  2. APS adopts Innovation
  3. Center for American Progress (USA)
  4. Canadian initiative
  5. Harvard addresses Innovation in Government (USA)
  6. Global Knowledge Sharing Initiatives (Australia)
  7. Gov2.0 Best Practice (Global)
  8. Gov2.0 Taskforce Post (Australia)
  9. A pilot centre for Excellence in Design in Government (Australia)
  10. Design Gov Australia now has a web site - April 2013

Practical examples where social media interaction with Communities is working;

  1. Online Neighbourhood Networks (Burroughs of London, UK)

This warrants its own page and to be discussed in a Forum. There is so much good information here for Councillors, Councils and Community members. Online Neighbourhood Networks

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