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1. Examples of Council Innovation
The key discussions have been highlighted her, but you can also refer to attached discussion page.
Community Engagement
Government 2.0
Excellence and Continuous Improvement in Australian Local Government
Securing 2026 for Brisbane
Simplicity - Innovation in New York City

2. Federal Government Initiative
Refer to attached discussion page.
Innovation Blog
Innovation Blog News
Gov2.0 Taskforce
Gov2.0 Primer
The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

3. State Government Initiative
Refer to attached discussion page.
Victoria's Initiative

4. What else is happening in the USA
Refer to attached discussion page. Revival
Obama's Open Government initiative (The President is on the right track)
GovLoop comment on above (Including ExpertNet link)
10 steps to Open Government
Alliance for Innovation
TED - Technology, Entertainment and Design
Fail Forward Innovation from San Francisco
If Manor Tx can Innovate!
Open Innovation
Transform your agency through Open Innovation (Dustin Haisler - Manor, TX)
How to - Improve Customer Service at Fed level
Innovation in Government
Change Management - Critical Success Factors
Google - 8 Pillars of Innovation

5. Follow the Innovation Debate*
Go To : Forum
Review Self Managed Teams
Words of wisdom from the US on Innovation in Government Australia can do it!
Australia's Gov2.0 Future - A private initiative
Australians in list Top 10 in Gov2.0

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