Innovation Process

Innovation is a process (not the end game).

The principles and practices are part of the process but not the full process.
The process of innovation can solve many different and varying problems and consequently can take many forms.

Although the basic underlying principles and practices will apply, the full innovation process needs to be defined more clearly so that others can start the process of innovation and move important projects (delivering innovation) through their stages.

A simple innovation process will involve;

  1. Stop, look and listen
  2. Identify a "key" issue that needs resolution
  3. Do high level plan to resolve this issue
  4. Get agreement to proceed (based on the plan) - acknowledgement that this issue is important (generally management approval?)
  5. Get the team together
  6. Agree on a timetable, resources, funding, deliverables, etc
  7. Educate the team (Educate a key)
  8. Rally the team support
  9. Fire up team ingenuity (let ideas flow)
  10. Apply "KISS"
  11. GO FOR IT!
  12. Monitor and control process (team effort)
  13. Document successes (and failures)
  14. Learn from mistakes (Continuous Improvement)


  1. Look for a new project (by returning to step #1)
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