Principles of Innovation

What are the Principles behind innovation?
Any robust activity, initiative or process that is worthwhile will be based on some basic premises or principles. Innovation as a process (not an end game or outcome) is based on some sound principles, including;

1. Ingenuity in Craft

a.    Tackle obstacles to ingenuity. 
b.    Creative juices need to flow. Creative licence is not freely given.
c.    Creative licence needs to be taken and that takes courage.

2. Pursuit of Perfection

a.    Perfection is a vector (heading to an end result)  
b.    Perfection is unachievable. So focus on chasing it
c.    Perfection is not a GOAL

3. Social conscience – Fit with Society

a.    Must serve the greater needs of society to be great Innovation
b.    Imperfection drives Innovation
c.    Adaptation is about evolution through incremental progress
d.    Innovation must be linked to CONTEXT. Without context Innovation is invention

Along with the Principles described above there are proven Practices of Innovation

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