Social Change

Social Change

Social change is required by communities and councils alike, to ensure all aspirations and desires are delivered in the future by councils in cohorts with their communities.
The job of delivering "life expectations" for communities cannot be left to one individual, one team or one group.
Delivering an acceptable life style for individuals (in communities) will require a concerted efffort by all involved and certainly by the individuals in the communities.
Social change is required and this is no different to any other change.
A proven process needs to be put in place to ensure the change takes place.

The proven process (in some situations) is Innovation.

However, innovation needs to be adapted to apply to "social issues" and "social change".

Let's learn, document, disseminate, support, practice and succeed.

We can do it but it will need to be a team effort.
Council employees need to embed themselves within their comunities and make sure the comunity skills and experience are used to deliver acceptable, sustainable solutions. Our communities are a significant resource that we need to tap to ensure cost effective solutions are delivered that are acceptable to all in the community.

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