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General Purpose of this Wiki
This Wiki has been set-up to provide a platform for individuals emloyed in local government to understand and educate themselves through sharing information and experiences on "Innovation" particularly in local government. The aim is to share valuable, "non confidential" information that will help all members to provide improved "Services" to their Communities.

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A more detailed description of the "for and against" argument for Wiki use in government has been developed by IBM. Refer to: Guide to Wiki use in Government

This platform will allow topics to be created and actively discussed in a readily accessable, modern communications medium. This Wiki is initially available to individuals associated with Council activities. However it is hoped that later this can be expanded to provide a mechanism for receiving global expertise and global "community input" into the discussions.

This media has the potential to provide two way commuications for "community involvement" and "community engagement" and provide vital input into the decision making processes of Councils, at a later stage.

It is hoped that individuals working with Councils will embrace this initiative and that a significant number of people will feel that it is worthwhile to be an active member of this on-line community.

Best Entry
The best entry point for this site (after having read the basic introductory pages/topics) is via the Forum where you can join in on a discussion in progress or start a new conversation/topic. Go to Forum

Topics of Interest
A few interesting topics are highlighted as menu items, including;

1.0 Innovation as it applies to Community Engagement (refer What is Innovation?)

2.0 Principles that will drive successful innovation (Principles of Innovation)

3.0 Getting Practices right is also important (Practices of Innovation)

4.0 Community Engagement Process (What is Community Engagement)

5.0 Innovation and Community Discussion Portal (Innovation Discussion, Community Input)

6.0 Strategic Planning Principles for Community Projects (refer Good Project Management Practice)

7.0 Creative, Innovation & Change (Go to [CIC2.0]

Please visit any of these discussions, add a comment as appropriate or even add a new "Discussion" on a topic of interest. We look forward to your input.

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